An Ode To The Crowfoot Wrench

2 Jun

Crowfoot wrenches rock, especially crowfoot line wrenches. I mention the inexpensive set sold by Northern Tool in the book (in the chapter about Bug Out Vehicles). The reason I didn’t mention the Craftsman ones is because of the recent reviews saying they were made in China and saying they lack an indent (or dimple or small hole), which helps to hold the crowfoot wrench to the breaker bar or to the socket extension. It appears that the newer Craftsman ones are comparable to the less expensive Northern Tool crowfoot wrenches. With the exception of the high-end ones, I don’t see any new crowfoot wrench sets which have the indent or dimple

I read an article that said Sears stores might be in danger. This is probably the time to stock up on Craftsman tools, if there’s something you want from them.

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