Disinfecting Plumbing System

28 Jun

Prepper Life Skill (PLS). Learn to disinfect your plumbing system or well. This is a skill not every prepper will need, but it’s useful to know about. In many areas, if you do major rework or install new pipes for your plumbing system, you are expected to disinfect the piping.

Minnesota plumbing code says to flush the system with potable water until the exiting water is clear and then that “…the system or part thereof shall be filled with a water-chlorine solution containing at least 200 parts per million of chlorine and allowed to stand for three hours.” Many jurisdictions have similar code.

Wells can become contaminated because of flooding. Minnesota residents in flooded areas are being informed about this by local news. It’s the usual prepper story: Use bottled water or bring your water to a roiling boil for a few minutes if you’re not sure your water is safe to drink. After floods, local governments often provide free water testing kits to see if your well water is safe. If your water comes from a utility, after a flood, you can contact your water provider to be sure your water is safe.

If you have a well, you can learn more from the following resources:

Disinfection of Wells (pdf) (Minnesota Dept. Health)

Well Owner’s Handbook (pdf) (MN Health)

Is Your Well Flooded? Disinfect It before You Drink It! (pdf) (State of Texas)

What To Do After A Flood (pdf) (EPA)

Decontaminating Flooded Wells (pdf) (Texas A&M University)

Floods: Protecting Your Health (MN Health) (general information)

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