Life Expectancy In America Dropping For Poorer Whites

23 Sep

Here’s a depressing article.

Life expectancy for many Americans is decreasing–by up to four years. Some women are smoking more, many people are more obese, and many don’t go to the doctor because of the costs of heath care in America. Many poorer elderly Americans struggle to pay for their medicines and go without.

The articles about this compare this drop in life expectancy to what happened in Russia following their economic collapse. One factor I think contributes to this is stress–stress is a killer. If you’re poor, how can you not be stressed out?

As preppers, what can we do to increase our own life expectancy? Eat better? Reduce stress? Exercise more?

How did Russians survive the economic collapse there? The best answer I ever heard came from a real Russian and it went something like this: “Move in with sister and brother-in-law in America.”

Here’s a nice blurb about the new TV show Revolution from

I hate the previews to this show. They keep saying they need to turn the world’s power back on. Who the hell turned off the world’s power? Didn’t they know some of us were still using it? I hate when that happens. And, where is that crummy on-off switch anyway?
In reality, we know people generate power. There is no master switch. If all power generation stopped, it might be a slow process, but power would be restored bit by bit as more energy plants were brought back online.

Disasters, like hurricanes do knock out power for weeks, but it’s pretty amazing when we realize that our local power company can restore power to hundreds of thousands of people in under a day.

Some preppers plan for EMP or electromagnetic pulses that could wipe out the power grid. This would be a very rare event. Perhaps a major solar flare could do it, but the fears of a terrorist group or small country using a nuclear weapon to do this are overblown, I think. If terrorists had a nuclear weapon and could deploy it successfully, they’d probably just use it as a conventional nuclear bomb.

With winter approaching, it’s good to assemble a basic winter kit for your car if you live in the North.
Here’s a nice post about that from Disaster Dave.

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