The Prepper Next Door is Now Available On Amazon’s Kindle

8 Dec

The Prepper Next Door is now available as a Kindle eBook for $9.95. I’d say it’s a great stocking stuffer for Christmas, but I’m not sure how to put an eBook into a stocking.

Because eBooks are searchable, there is no index in the Kindle edition. The print edition has an extensive index. To make finding information easier, the eBook has an extensive table of contents with numbered subsections. This is something several readers said they wanted.

As an example, the Chapter about prepper guns now has 24 subsections after the main introduction. The sections are:

Chapter 8 Guns
8.1 Learning To Shoot A Pistol Accurately
8.2 How A Semi Automatic Pistol Works
8.3 The 45 Automatic Pistol (1911-A1)
8.4 Trigger Control (Learning To Shoot Continued)
8.5 Accurate Air Pistols And 22s For Practice
8.6 Point Shooting
8.7 Selecting A Defensive Handgun
8.8 Single Action, Double Action, And DAO Triggers
8.9 The Glock Pistol Design
8.10 Weapon Serviceability &  Revolvers
8.11 Pistol Stopping Power & Bullet Selection
8.12 Buying & Storing Ammo & FFLs
8.13 Holsters & Drawing Your Pistol Safely
8.14 Carrying A Concealed Pistol
8.15 12 Gauge & 20 Gauge Shotguns For Defense
8.16 Defensive Rifles & The 7.62 mm NATO
8.17 The AR-15 & How Gas Operated Autos Work
8.18 5.56 mm & 223 Remington
8.19 The AK-47 & Rifle Shooting
8.20 What About Weapons For Hunting?
8.21 Weapons For Target Shooting And Practice
8.22 Reloading Ammo & Caliber Selection
8.23 Purchase Useful Accessories
8.24 Guns For SHTF or WROL

Shorter chapters have fewer or no sections. I still prefer paper books to eBooks.

While searching for something else, I discovered Amazon is selling the Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife for $29.99 with free shipping. That’s a pretty good deal.

TheLordHumungus has a nice video about basic tools preppers should acquire:

He focuses on basic versatile tools that are used around the house. While buying new tools is always fun, I kinda looked forward to the day when I had all the tools I’d need and wouldn’t need to purchase any more. That never really happened. As I learned more, I found there were more and more tools I wanted. They were more specialized and more expensive. The proper tool for a job can make it SO much easier.

A good example is removing the harmonic balancer on a car to get access to the timing chain. You really need to make your own special tool to do this or purchase one. Otherwise you risk damaging the balancer. All the tool consists of is a plate and screws. Three screws will grab the balancer. A larger screw will drive the plate away from the crankshaft, taking the balancer with it.

To push on the new balancer, you should use an installer, which is just a threaded rod, a nut, and a washer. Once you learn to use specialized tools like this, you’ll come to appreciate just how useful they are.

If you inherit tools and you don’t know what they do, don’t give them away or sell them. If you become a serious do-it-yourselfer, one day you’ll say, “Oh, crap. I had one of those and I gave it away!”

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