The 30-30 Winchester & Hay Rustling

13 Jan

The 30-30 Winchester, sometimes called the 30-30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) or just the 30 WCF, is a classic prepper cartridge. Usually fired in a lever action rifle, 30-30s are light and handy. Ammo is readily available throughout America. Every hunting season, you’ll find 30-30 ammo on sale. Firing a 170 grain bullet, it will reliably take anything in North America. It has killed huge numbers of deer, bear, and hogs.

A great long-range shooter might not like a 30-30 because of its slower ballistics and because a lever action isn’t as accurate as a bolt action rifle. In open plains areas, a 30-06 or 270 Winchester would be better. For those in Northern Woods, where ranges are likely to be no more than 100 yards, a 30-30 is made to order.

Most shooters will be able to get off quicker follow up shots with a 30-30 than with a bolt action hunting rifle. This is one reason the 30-30 lever action was popular with survivalists of the 1980s. It could be used for self defense. Is it as good as a modern AR-15? No. On the positive side, it is much, much, much less expensive. Many preppers prefer it to the SKS.

Tubular magazines are obnoxious to reload. In the old westerns, whenever the bad guy and hero took a time out from popping off 44-40s at each other from behind rocky ledges, they’d stuff new rounds into their rifles. For many, the shorter stubby rounds are easier to reload than the longer 30-30s. It’s not nearly as nice and easy as pushing rounds into an 870 Remington. But if you needed more than six shots, that’s how you reload them. No extra magazines to purchase or carry.

The 30-30 is a classic workhorse cartridge of yesterday’s ranches and farms. Like many hyphenated calibers, the 30-30 designation originally meant a 30-caliber bullet-hyphen- and 30 grains of black powder.

For about $30, you can purchase portable reloading kits.

To keep the western theme going, because of drought, some people have taken to hay rustling. Surprised me when I read it too. Not rustling cattle, but stealing hay which is in short supply. To foil hay rustlers, sheriffs and ranchers have resorted to the old-school cowboy trick of placing GPS tracking devices inside of hay bales.

Here are some more links about the gun control saga:
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