Fitness Resolutions Revisited (Weight Loss)

7 Mar

Now that March has arrived, it’s a good time to revisit new year’s resolutions for the year. This is because most of us will slip back into our old habits by about March! Monitoring our progress and focusing on our goals will help us achieve them. If things aren’t progressing, we should evaluate what’s going wrong. We should use the power of feedback to improve our actions and our strategy. This applies to any personal goal.

To find new approaches to improve at anything, we can turn to the Internet for its vast information. To lose weight, here are some interesting tips/facts:

Tip 1: Weigh Yourself Daily.

A study I read about years ago said that people who wanted to lose weight had much more success if they weighed themselves daily. It’s easy to see why: If you’re up 5 pounds, you’re more likely to go for an extra walk or refuse a third helping of potato salad. If you don’t weigh yourself regularly, it’s easy to let your weight slide.

This relates back to focusing on our goal. What we think about will get our efforts. What we forget about is forgotten. If you want to get good at something, give it your attention.

Tip 2: Get Plenty of Sleep.

For many reasons, if we run on too little sleep we tend to put on weight. This has to do with Ghrelin and Leptin. I don’t really know what Ghrelins & Leptins are (I may have seen them perform at a Broadway show?) We don’t need to understand the science to know that if we’re tired, we won’t be as active.

The danger of sleep deprivation is something every prepper should be aware of. Stress, worry, vigilance, and other factors can hinder our sleep. Sleep deprived, we’re more likely to make mistakes and have accidents. During a disaster, this could adversely affect our functioning. One of the most important survival skills is the ability to get a good night’s rest in a stressful environment.

Tip 3: Cut Back On Processed Foods.

Processed foods contain saturated fats, sugar, and salt. These foods mess up our weight loss goals.

Tip 4: Cut Back On The Diet Soft Drinks.

Multiple studies now show that artificial sweeteners may actually increase our appetite and sabotage our weight loss.

Tip 5: Eat A Fulfilling Breakfast.

After waking up from a long slumber, your body is depleted of energy. It needs food. If you wake up and are active for much of the day before eating, your body goes into ‘starvation mode’ trying desperately to retain calories. Then you eat like crazy.

This is also the reason why you should have several small healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. Go too long without eating something and you’ll eat like a horse when you get the chance. And, your body will want to slow its metabolism because it worries about food scarcity.

Tip 8: Exercise To Burn Calories, But Understand That Diet Intake Trumps Exercise.

A good 30 minute workout might burn 200 calories. That’s wonderful. A small candy bar contains about 200 calories. You can always overeat your exercise. It’s easy to eat four extra candy bars in a day. It’s not so easy to come up with an extra 2 hours to train.

Tip 9: Balance Your Exercise, But Know That Cardio Trumps All Other Forms Of Exercise When It Comes To Weight Loss.

One of the biggest myths of the Internet is that exercises that build muscle are the best to lose weight. The argument goes something like this: Because muscle burns calories, as you build muscle, you’ll increase your metabolism, and burn more calories. Thus, you’ll lose more weight. This even seems to make a certain mathematical sense: If you put on one pound of active muscle, it will consume 20 or so calories a day. In a year, that’s about 2 pounds of fat.

The problem with this argument is that it’s contradicted by actual weight-loss studies. It’s also contradicted by looking around: Powerlifters often become obese as they get older; Distance runners usually stay thin.

You should do strength exercises for general fitness. But if you only have half an hour to train and your main goal is weight loss, do cardio. A good 30 minute workout should burn 200 calories or about 20 pounds of fat a year.

Do add in some strength training, because when we lose weight, some of it is invariably muscle that must be rebuilt.

With these tips, you’ll have more success in your weight loss goals. If you have some other goal, use the Internet to generate your own tip list to help you achieve it.

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