Just A Rant About Cutting In Line (& Illegal Immigration)

15 Mar

Needed some stamps today, so I went to the post office. Long line. One white lady with several boxes looked at the line, put her head down, and walked away. I guess she’ll come back tomorrow. I just stood in line, waiting. Then this Hispanic lady enters the post office. She walks ahead of the line and pretends to browse the selection of boxes for sale. She just hung around the front of the line for a while. You could see it coming. She inches closer and closer to the front of the line and then cuts in and goes to the sales counter. The old lady she cut in front of had no issues with it: “Oh, go ahead.”

I know I shouldn’t feel angry at things like this. But as somebody who follows the rules, I hate it when a person feels they have the right to trample the rights of others. Too many people feel a sense of entitlement.

The preppers I’ve known tend to be very ethical, honest, and moral. But we’re smart enough to know that not everyone follows our values and code of behavior. In a crisis, standing in line for hours waiting for food, water, or gasoline is a thousand times more stressful than waiting 15 minutes to get some stamps. This is why it’s good we have our own supplies. We also know that the people who flaunt the rules have no problems trying to take what is rightfully others, if they think they can get away with it.

One thing I’ve heard from non-preppers is that survivalists and preppers just want society to fail. I don’t think this is true. But I do think many preppers see society as in some kind of downward spiral, and, maybe, the only real way to fix it is a major overhaul. They’re tired of being neutered citizens who aren’t lawfully allowed to protect their own rights. The infuriating thing about line-cutters is that there usually isn’t a whole lot you can do if they cut in way ahead of you and the person they cut in front of isn’t willing to object. There seem to be more and more line-cutters these days.

The incident got me to thinking about the liberals plans to “reform” immigration. We’re told that illegal immigrants shouldn’t need to “live in the shadows.” But these people are here illegally. It’s just like saying that burglars shouldn’t need to hide in the shadows. If you break the law, you might get busted. Why shouldn’t people have to follow the rules?

Now, I’m not against legal immigration. If you follow the rules, you should be able to become an American citizen. In the old days, you had to pass a civics test. You had to be employed. You had to have a sponsor. In a real sense, illegal immigrants who want a fast-track path to citizenship are line-cutters.

OK. If I lived in Mexico, I’d want out too. But more and more Americans are like the old lady in line who don’t object to line-cutting and even enable it. In many parts of the country, we’re told that conservatives who oppose immigration “reform” can’t get elected. So we just need to stand by as others cut in line.

A scene from the movie Deliverance “The Machines Are Going To Fail”

Here’s an article about dealing with line-cutters.

Some line-cutters can be not only quite rude, but aggressive. Here’s a story about a line-cutter that punched a man. Punched dude had a gun and the line-cutter ran and hid behind a refrigerator.

This seems like a really bad idea: Cutting in front of a line at a gun shop to buy ammo. “…demand for ammunition has been so high at the store that people have been waiting in lines that stretch out the door.”

Here’s a video about a line-cutter who got angry when a guy on his cell phone talked about the woman trying to cut into the line! Woman line-cutter sicked ex-con boyfriend on the guy and it turned into a vicious assault. A good lesson: Always pay attention to your personal space and the aggressive behavior of others. Up close, looking away won’t always defuse a bad situation. It might just get you sucker punched.

Here’s a good article about “Sick Building Syndrome”

An interesting home-buying tip: Call the local police and ask them about the house you intend to purchase. Does it have a criminal history? Surprisingly, many foreclosures today are “meth houses” where the illegal drug was produced. This can lead to toxins in the home.

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