Just Some Links About New Gun Control Measures

3 Apr

I stumbled upon some new gun laws. I thought I’d share the links.

Shooters in Connecticut are stocking up because new laws there will force the registration of magazines over ten rounds. There is also a plan to demand a background check (with finger printing) to purchase ammunition.

In California, another proposal will alert the authorities if you purchase more than 3,000 rounds of ammo in a short time.

Magpul is leaving Colorado because of new magazine laws there.

The New York Times is jumping on the bandwagon and parading out the ammunition of the Lanza family.

The good news: New York realized that nobody makes 7 shot magazines for most modern autoloaders, so is suspending the 7 shot ban.


Here’s a good article about overlanding on TraceMyPreps.com.

For the prepper who has everything (and a lot of freaking money!): Satellite Phones.

Here’s a short news article about amateur radio.

For those who want to make their shots count: This article talks a bit about rifle marksmanship.

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