Prepper Mistakes & Limitations

26 Apr

I want to start this post with links to two good prepper videos. The first on talks about common mistakes preppers make. I completely agree, one thing we see a lot: “Hyper-focusing on one specific survival ‘hobby’ at the expense of other prepping areas.”

Three big “hobbies” are guns, outdoor survival, and HAM radio communication. There’s nothing wrong with these fields, but a well-rounded prepper needs to learn many other things too.

Another hobby is buying new gear. With the growth in prepper blog readership, I’ve noticed many blogs and Youtube channels are inundated with new gear from manufactures. They have largely become gear review sites. There’s a dizzying array of fun things to purchase!

I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky to be at an age where I pretty much have all the survival gear I really need. Sure, some of the newer stuff interests me.
But, I don’t need it.

If you’re a newbie prepper who worries you’ll need to spend $25,000 to be prepared, my advice is take a deep breath and put aside a two week supply of water, a two week supply of food, one or two defensive firearms, and assemble a basic bug out bag. Keep a few emergency supplies in your vehicle. You’ll be set for 80% of the disasters you’re likely to face.

Another huge mistake young preppers make is believing they’ll be going it alone. This brings us to our second video (Youtube).  The story told there is quite profound, and I’ve heard of multiple similar stories, where one person is ill or away from home and their home is ransacked. No matter how much of a lone wolf you are at heart, you need family or friends to cover your back.

One of the biggest limitations to preppers being as well prepared as they want to be is money. This is a huge factor for some. If you’re unemployed, putting food on the table might be a challenge, let alone putting aside a three month supply of food. If money is a problem, you only have two choices: Earn more or find ways to spend less of what you earn.

The other big limitation is a lack of time. It’s difficult to learn everything you want to learn before you eventually croak. You have to pick and choose. This is where younger preppers have an advantage. If you’re young and single and have fewer obligations, take advantage of the free time you have to learn new things. Take an EMT-Basic class or a land navigation class. Take up a new hobby.

I’ll end by asking readers and fellow bloggers to write about what they see as the biggest mistakes newbie preppers make and what limitations and hindrances preppers face.

Charlie Palmer -Author The Prepper Next Door



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    K.I.S.S. good advice

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