20/20 Special: Surviving Events

1 May

I just wanted to share that 20/20 aired a pretty good program 4-26-13 that talked about how life can change in an instant and how to survive various situations (Crowds; Car Accidents; Mass Shooting; Carjack in Boston; Amputee). This link goes to ABC and uses ABC Player, which sucks. But if you can get ABC Player working, it’s worth watching.


Here is a recap of the lessons I took away from the show:
Crowds: People are cattle. Don’t get trampled.
Accidents: Don’t drive 60 mph when you have zero visibility. Assume the other guy will.
Mass Shooting: Shoot back.
Carjacking: Run away.
Amputee: Young women shouldn’t drive cars (JOKING…just JOKING). The young lady featured demonstrates tremendous resiliency, as have the victims of the Boston bombing who lost legs.

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