The End Of Privacy In America

6 Jun

The news is abuzz with the information that the NSA is working to build its “Big Brother” database, which is part of the Orwellian-named “total information awareness” program.

If you use Verizon, the government is linking your phone number to other numbers you called and which called you. This is done to build a “known associates” list. These lists are supposedly used to track down terrorists.

To track down fugitives, police use “known associates” to know where a felon can go to get help. The idea is that if the government knows everybody you’re in contract with, if you turn out to be a terrorist, they’ll be able to nab all of your terrorist friends too.

Doesn’t this seem to violate citizen privacy? I believed the NSA was supposed to only operate outside America. This has the potential for abuse.

There is a trend today to store personal information in “The Cloud” rather than on your own hard drive. In the far future, all information will probably be stored in “The Cloud” and computers will be boxes that can only access this information. There won’t be hard drives. When this happens, all personal information you keep on your computer will be available for instant access and analysis by the government.



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