If You Could Only Have 5 Guns

11 Jun

Here’s a silly question I’ve asked myself dozens of times over many years: If I could only own five guns, what would they be?

Many preppers choosing survival guns come up with great answers, which usually go something like this:

1. A defensive handgun, often a Glock 19 or 1911
2. A defensive rifle, often an AR-15, AK-47, or 7.62 mm M1A
3. A 22 LR rifle or pistol, Ruger 10/22 is popular
4. A Shotgun, 870 Remington
5. A 308 or 30-06 hunting rifle, bolt action

That’s a well balanced collection for survival. You could defend yourself and hunt small game and big game. One prepper is simplifying his collection to include only common calibers. This is just so wrong on so many levels! Why should a shooting hobby suffer at the hands of prepping?

The more you’re into shooting sports, the more unbalanced your ultimate 5 gun collection will probably be. What if you shoot 10 meter air rifle? You shoot three-position rifle with a heavy 22 LR. You enjoy hunting upland game with a lightweight 20 gauge side-by-side. You hunt plains game with a 7mm Remington Magnum.

Already four of your choices look like this:

1. Obnoxiously expensive air rifle
2. Obnoxiously heavy 22 target rifle
3. 20 gauge side-by-side shotgun
4. 7mm Remington Magnum bolt action

With only one space left, we’ll add in a basic defensive pistol. From a pure survivalist standpoint, this is kind of a crummy collection. The first two seem totally out of place. The shotgun is a poor choice compared to a 12 gauge pump. The 7mm might have a place in a good survival battery. But isn’t the 308 Winchester more popular? And, if the shooter takes up trap shooting, preferring an over-under shotgun, forget about it. You don’t even have room for a defensive pistol anymore!

Which battery is the better one for survival? Sure, the first. Here’s another question: Which shooter is probably better prepared to survive a situation where shooting is a crucial skill?

I’d venture to guess the shooter with the second collection is better prepared. If you can hit small birds in the air, an intruder at the door won’t have much of a chance against the 20 gauge.

The years and years of practice with the first two guns on the list pretty much assures the average noob with an AR-15 won’t fare too well against the shooter with his 7 mm Magnum which holds only a few shots. Yes, you’d lack firepower against multiple opponents.

Your gun collection should grow organically to suit your unique needs and interests. Don’t eliminate calibers like the 38 Super in place of the common 9mm or get rid of a 257 Roberts just to “simplify” your collection. Don’t let prepping concerns interfere with your shooting hobby!

If you could have only five guns for the rest of your life, what five would you choose?

Charlie Palmer, author  –  The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning

Here’s a good article about “minimalist prepping,” focusing on the key things you need to survive, without cluttering your living room.

Here’s a good post about Dual Flush Toilets, those that use less water when solids aren’t involved.

Here’s a Youtube video I stumbled upon:

Superhumans-Byron Ferguson Ultimate Archer. He has 20/15 eyesight and can shoot an aspirin out of the air.

This is an episode of an interesting reality show, called Top Shot.  People who are great shooters with rifle, pistol, and shotgun can produce an audition video and apply. Win the show and win $100,000. Follow the link to see some of the Top Shot audition videos at the right:


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