Your Mail Photographed By The Government

7 Jul

We now know the government is collecting metadata on all phone calls and Internet traffic inside America. They’re photographing the outsides of all our snail mail too so they can create a complete map of everybody we know.

That contribution you mailed to the NRA, that book you ordered from Paladin Press, and the letter you sent to your daughter in college, all logged for posterity. Over 160 billion pieces of mail a year are photographed.

Here’s a small sample of what the government knows about you:

1. Your subscriptions –membership in NRA

2. All your pen pals–family, friends

3. Your doctor and HMO

4. All your bills.. your dentist, your newspapers, your banks, your subscriptions (again).

5. Your outgoing letters (to everybody).

6. The companies you do business with–including preparedness companies that send you catalogs.

7. All political organizations you’re a member of that send you direct mail.

8. Your church and religious affiliations.

9. All organizations you write checks to or contribute to through the mail.

9. Whether or not you remembered to send your mother-in-law a birthday card!

No doubt this data is read by OCR, so it means it can all be put in a searchable database. Using your church as an example, it would be easy to compile a list of all members of that church, by searching all correspondence with the church.

Here’s a nice progression tutorial about doing a one-handed pushup.

There’s a great article over at TraceMyPreps about not having full access to your money.

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