Shooting & Aging Eyes (& Misc Stuff)

26 Jul

Aging preppers face several challenges. Shooting provides a good example. As you age, you eye’s ability to accommodate different distances decreases. Most good shots have eyes that can rapidly shift focus from pistol sights to the target. Poor eyesight can be corrected with glasses. An inability of accommodation cannot. You can choose: Do you want to see your target clearly or the sights?

For practical defensive pistol shooting, one possible solution is to work on point shooting. You won’t be accurate at longer distances, but you’re most likely to need a pistol up close anyway.

For rifles, the answer is easy: Scope them. A good low-power scope (Weaver Classic V-Series Rifle Scope 1-3x 20mm or similar) should sit on all your rifles if you need it. Even a 30-30.

Making a take-down bow from old skis. (part 1 of 2).

Here’s an interesting development. Scientist have learned to create false memories in mice.

The scientific advancements are great, but where will this technology lead in the future?

Decreased eyesight with aging is one reason to be grumpy

But you just need to keep rocking on

If you want to combat aging, this article summarizes 8 things that help your cells rebuild. Pomegranate juice. Green Tea. Stuff like that.

How To Avoid Being Tracked By SmartPhone

Tracking car movement by reading license plates.

An interesting opinion piece:
Why Emergency Managers Shouldn’t Alienate Preppers

An interesting article about the use of drones and how it’s probably creating more enemies for America.

Here’s an interesting article about water pasteurisation (pdf). Personally, I like boiling much better. But if you’re seriously pressed for fuel, this might be something to consider.

Always have a bail out plan. I stumbled upon this tutorial for the American Ninja Warrior warped wall. If you’ve ever wondered why these blokes don’t just fall backward and crack their skull open, this shows you how they bail out. If you undertake anything dangerous, you need to know how to bail.

Here’s an interesting video by Rich Pin about installing a trailer hitch on a small vehicle.

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