If You Could Only Have Two Prepper Guns For Bugging Out

30 Jul

As a prepper, your pantry is well stocked. Your home reasonably secure. Unless you must, you have no desire to bug out. But what if you had to bug out during a riot or time of civil disorder? Your home is ablaze. You must flee. Your car is ablaze. You must flee on foot. What two guns would you take?

For me, the choice is pretty clear. You’d want your best defensive rifle and your best defensive pistol. The rifle gives you the most range and firepower. The pistol is a lightweight backup. Both should be reliable and magazine fed. You want to own at least four or six magazines for each.

What about a shotgun? Sure, it’s versatile. But shotgun shells are heavy and bulky. This is one reason the military favors the 5.56 mm. You can carry much more 5.56 mm ammo than 7.62 NATO.

The shotgun loses effectiveness rather quickly. This is one reason police departments prefer 00 buckshot over Number 4. The larger pellets give better penetration. By the time 00 buckshot reaches 50 yards, its lost about half its ability to penetrate pine boards. It will only penetrate about 2″ of pine at that distance. This is comparable to a small caliber pistol like the 25 ACP up close.

The second weapon is your defensive pistol. Why? Because you can’t carry anything larger without being weighed down. This is your last ditch defensive weapon.

What if you’re bugging out to the deep wilderness and other people simply aren’t around? Defense might not be as much of a concern. If big game is plentiful, a good bolt action rifle in 308 Winchester would be a fine choice for your first weapon. For hunting small game, a small 22 LR revolver or autoloader could be a second choice. One of my favorite handguns is a small 22LR Smith & Wesson “kit gun” with a 4″ barrel. If you’re far North and want a handgun capable of taking larger game, a 44 magnum revolver would be an alternative. Another possibility is to keep your defensive pistol. You just never know if you’ll need it!

What two firearms would you choose for bugging out and why?

Charlie Palmer -author The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning

A surfing contest in Huntington Beach turned into a minor riot.

For those people crazy enough to try to achieve the one-handed pull-up, this site gives a neat idea to build a “cheat” mechanism to help you build up to it. The pulley and weight will only allow you to use your other hand to a limited extent. As you lighten the weight, you’ll get closer and closer to your goal. Very clever.

Here are ten exercises you can do from a pull-up bar.
Actually, only about seven. The last few “back levers” and the final stretch look like exercises best avoided by us average Joes who don’t want to mess up our shoulders. But the leg raises and earlier stuff looks good.


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