The Case For the 6.8 SPC And Other Rare Rounds

19 Aug

As preppers, a mantra we chant is to choose our weapons in popular calibers. This way when civilization falls and we’re scrounging the countryside for ammo, we’ll find some. I’m beginning to question this.

How likely is it really we’ll run out of ammo and need to forage for it or trade for it? Only in the most dire long-term situations could this be likely. If a riot happens and you have 400 rounds for your rifle, if and when you run out, is it likely you’ll find a source of resupply? Or will your rifle just sit empty regardless of caliber?

With most guns, there’s no reason not to go with a popular caliber. The 308 Winchester is a great hunting round. The 9x19mm is adequate for defense. The 22LR is, well, the 22LR. But when it comes to a defensive rifle, you’re forced to choose between the 7.62 x 39 in the AK, the 5.56 mm, or the 7.62 NATO.

Many shooters don’t like the AKs. That leaves us with the 5.56 mm or the 7.62 NATO. Neither is perfect. The 5.56 mm is a bit small. The 7.62 a bit big. A great solution for the AR rifles would be the 6.8 SPC. In terms of power, the 6.8 SPC is often compared to the 30-30. It fires a bullet about double the weight of the 5.56 mm. Many hunters feel the 6.8 SPC is an adequate deer round. Almost none would recommend a 5.56 mm for deer hunting.

The downside to the 6.8 is that it’s rare and expensive. If you shoot many thousands of rounds a year through your AR, you’ll want to keep it as a 5.56. If you can afford it, the 6.8 SPC is ballistically superior to the 5.56 mm in every way.

Because I have so much 5.56 mm and 223 Remington ammo and shoot so little today, I’ll never make the transition to the 6.8. I couldn’t justify the cost. If you want improved stopping power in the AR-15, give the 6.8 SPC a look.


The Colorado river is suffering because of drought. According to the article, its flow over the last 14 years is the lowest in 1,200 years. In the next fifty years there are estimates the demand for water in the Southwestern states will exceed supply.

Here’s a great short video about how to climb a rope.

I was a bit shocked and disappointed to see a video blogger I watch from time to time is no longer making youtube videos. From what I could make of it, it was because of death threats or actual attacks on his family. It’s so bad, he said he’s moving.

This article talks about dealing with online threats. I strongly agree with the main point of the article. If you feel your life is threatened, get the police involved. They have many capabilities the average person lacks and can work across jurisdictions to arrest and prosecute somebody threatening your family.

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  1. ebzona August 19, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

    The 6.8SPC is not so bad if you reload. You can stockpile enough rounds to last you a lifetime or target shooting.

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