Should The U.S. Intervene in Syria? CIA in Somalia. NSA at Home.

9 Sep

The world’s newest hotspot has many Americans asking if we should intervene in Syria, helping the rebels against the Assad government.

Points to consider:

1) U.S. Marines, Russians, and the Chinese are all sending ships to the region to protect their citizens. How many people are killed in friendly fire or false flag attacks in other wars? What happens if we accidentally shoot up some Russians?

The Russians have already said they’re not sure Syria used chemical weapons. They don’t trust what America says. To compensate for any military assets we destroy, the Russians can provide the Assad Regime more. That can’t be good for American-Russian relations. The Chinese can mess anything up. Even the French are sending a ship. WW III anybody?

2) We did such a bang up job in Iraq. Look at the plight of Christians in Iraq, who numbered about 2 million and who lived in peace before our invasion. Now there are about 250,000 to 400,000 and they live in daily terror. America didn’t bring peace, democracy, or even a measure of order to Iraq. We replaced a brutal dictator with chaos.

Just recently, Syrian rebels took over one of the oldest Christian cities on earth.  These rebels have ties to al-Qaida and are  threatening the Christians if they don’t convert to Islam. Those would be the fellows we’d be helping.

One thing is clear: Attacking Syria will not make Americans one bit safer.

What about the humanitarian aspect? How many of us remember Somalia? In the 1990s we used troops there. A big part of the reason was to prevent the starvation of hundreds of thousands of people. Drought had hit the country hard, and gangs seized whatever foods the international community donated.

Fast forward to today. Somalia is just as much a mess as it ever was.
It’s a haven for anti-American extremism. Americans can’t safely enter the country without being kidnapped, tortured, or killed.

Somalia is a training ground for CIA and military operatives who are using newfangled drones to strike our enemies.

The problem with these drone strikes is that it angers Somalis. How’d you feel if a foreign power dropped a bomb next door to you? That leads to more anti-American sentiment, which leads to more extremists, which leads to more drone strikes, which leads to…perpetual war.

Interesting article on Forbes: Could America’s Wealth Gap Lead To Revolt? It’s Forbes. They don’t want to use the word “Revolution” but merely assure all the peons get put back in place.

More news on the NSA. They’re working to weaken online encryption standards. It’s one thing to develop code breaking skills. It’s another thing to ask major internet companies to use weaker encryption.

One thing that’s drawn little media attention is that many of the code names chosen for the NSA projects come from Civil War battles. Why Is the NSA Naming Its Secret Programs After Battles We Had With Ourselves? Why is the Civil War on their minds? Is this some collective Freudian slip?

A conspiracy buff could ask: Is Somalia a training ground for suppressing a future American revolution by the special interests? Is the NSA really trying to protect Americans from terrorism or is it building up the infrastructure to repress Americans in the future?

It sounds paranoid, but consider this: The technology exists today so that if you “liked” this post, the NSA would have a good idea who you are. They’d certainly know where you were when you “liked” the post. You could be taken out by a drone.

Syria is a horrible situation. Do we sit back and let a government use chemical weapons against its citizens who revolt? Do we intervene and destabilize the Middle East further? What’s your opinion on this?


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