Home Hardening Part 2 (Bump Resistant Locks)

12 Oct

In a previous post we wrote about the importance of strengthening your door. We addressed the two primary ways most burglars will enter a door: Kicking it in or jimmying it. We gave solutions to both attacks that will delay, discourage, and send away an intruder empty handed.

Lock picking is rare among burglars. More common is the “bump lock” technique. Most burglars don’t use these methods because it requires the burglar to carry “burglary tools.” Criminals don’t want to do this because they can be arrested for the possession of such items.

A guy once told me a dog isn’t a deterrent because a criminal can shoot the dog with a silenced 22! Ah, Ok. This is nonsense. In many jurisdictions possession of a silencer is illegal. It can carry a longer prison sentence than the intended crime. Just walking down the street, the criminal could be arrested. Not to mention a criminal shooting anything will get major attention from investigators. Criminals know this. It’s the same with “burglary tools.” Burglars don’t want to be carrying them.

Because bumping a lock can defeat most deadbolts and easily let an intruder into your home, you should get a Medeco or other expensive security deadbolt. This link to Youtube has a video that shows just how vulnerable most deadbolts are to bumping:

I won’t explain the same stuff as the video. I recommend watching it to learn the features of a more bump-proof lock. I don’t want to scare you, but it’s good to see how easily most locks are defeated too.

The most important thing in prepping is YOU. You must take precautionary actions to be better prepared. It’s not enough to just know this stuff. You must implement it into your life. Only you can decide if the extra protection of a security deadbolt is worth the cost. Preppers can make a “Prepping To Do” list of things they want to do but might lack the current funds to do. This way you won’t forget about installing bump-proof locks and taking other important steps. When you have the funds and time, you can check items off of your “Prepping To Do” list.


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