Stockable Consumables & Raw Materials

23 Oct

The other day I made a pull up bar from some spare pipe I had. Nothing complex. I cut it to size and held it in place by some 2x4s. It sits over an opening in a stairway. Before inspecting some old heavy pipe I had, I priced some new metal pipe. It was shocking to see how much new thick metal pipe costs today! Even though I had stored this pipe outside, it was in surprisingly good shape and very usable for the project. Other pipes were corroded and pitted.

I had taken this pipe for granted. Looking at today’s prices, the cost to replace all the scrap pipe with new would be in the several hundreds of dollars. Preppers should consider the future availability and cost of stockable consumables and raw materials they use. Just because something is cheap and available now doesn’t mean it will be in the future. When you can afford it, it’s not a bad idea to stock up.

Other examples come to mind. On I saw a mint condition Colt 1911 Series 70 Gold Cup with a buy now price of $1,800. In the 1970s, you could get these for around $300. Just because you can afford something now doesn’t mean you’ll be able to in the future!

The recent rise in 22 LR ammo prices is another example. I have 50 caliber ammo cans packed with 22s from years ago. Much of it was purchased for $1 for a box of 50 or $10 for a brick of 500. If I was younger and still shot a lot, I could shoot for a while before running low. Younger shooters without a stockpile would need to pay through the nose or reduce their shooting. My advice: Purchase a quality air rifle and air pistol. At the lower end, The Beeman P3 air pistol shoots well.

Quality American made tools are a final example. If I could go back in time, like in Back To The Future or something, I’d come back with a cartload of tools that are no longer made here. You can get good quality, it’s just that you’ll pay through the nose for it.

For preppers who are handy do-it-yourselfers, work to assemble a complete set of tools and a small stash of raw materials. What things do you wish you had purchased and stocked up on in the past?

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