Checklist For Survival (Prepper’s Checklist)

29 Oct

Here is a brainstorming post of things you should have or things you should do to be better prepared. How many have you done?

1. Store some emergency drinking water.
2. Learn about and have one means of purifying questionable water.
3. Store some emergency food.
4. Have a plan for how you’ll cook your emergency food.
5. Have some emergency backup lighting, even flashlights and extra batteries.
6. Have a plan for how you’d deal with sanitation if you lost running water.
7. Assemble a basic first aid kit.
8. Assemble a basic bug out bag.
9. Learn to shoot and own a firearm for personal defense.
10. In cold climates, have a plan for how you’d heat your home if natural gas and electricity were no longer available.

Prepping isn’t complex. If you take some simple steps, your family will be much better prepared than the average family if a disaster or emergency hits.

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