Patty Cake For Adults: Proprioceptive Exercises

3 Nov

As we age, we lose our sense of physical balance. Likely, this is because we become more sedentary. Because falls are a significant problem for the elderly, it’s a good idea for us to improve our resistance to trips and falls.

Anyone who’s suffered an ankle or knee injury knows reinjury is a problem.

Watching professional athletes is impressive because of their agility and ability to react in less than the blink of an eye.

What do these three topics share in common? How can younger folks be better athletes? How can older folks improve their safety? What kind of rehabilitation do we need for ankle and knee injuries?

The theme word: Proprioception. The following links explain far better than I could:

If you’re looking for athletic proprioceptive exercises:

“Oh, my God. That was close” is usually what goes through your mind after your proprioceptive sense saves you.

Just when you think the limits of human capacity have been reachedā€¦here’s an impressive fellow (one arm handstand pushups):

If you’re working on your balance, it’s only a matter of time before you contemplate something like balancing upside down. Don’t do it. Not for long anyway.

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