Revolver Versus Automatic Pistol For Tough Survival

20 Nov

I was going to write about the versatile 357 Magnum revolver today, but decided instead to give my opinion about the best handguns for long-term survival under harsh conditions.

Which is a better choice: A revolver or a semiauto? Many shooters will tell you the revolver is a reliable choice. You pull the trigger and it fires. That’s true. Usually. But it does neglect one possibility: extreme weapon abuse.

In the book, I refer to a Guns & Ammo article of years ago where two shooters each selected two guns for defense. One guy chose revolvers. The other autos. They put the weapons through a series of tests. The weapons were pretty equal until they started burying the weapons in mud and sand.

With sand in the action, the older revolvers will grind to a halt. Autos are more robust. The revolver lacks servicability too. With an autoloader, you can strip it and clean it and get it back into action. The revolver takes more knowledge to service. It’s not as easy to fix.

Another issue with revolvers is the weapon can be damaged if the weapon falls on a hard surface or is thrown against one. The cylinder can bind or get out of timing. Revolvers are just more finicky.

I once had a double action High Standard 22 LR revolver which had horrible lock up at the cylinder. It was always well treated. When shooting it, I felt it was spitting lead back at me. Too much looseness or misalignment between the cylinder and the barrel is an issue autos don’t have.

In a perfect world, you’d never get sand in your firearm. You wouldn’t drop your gun. But in the harshest of environments, give me an autoloader.

Today was World Toilet Day. Did you celebrate?

File this one under “those ba*#*ds! just won’t leave us alone…” went to the store to buy some Lysol disinfecting cleaner. Love that stuff. Looked at the bottle and it no longer says it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. No active ingredients listed. Went home and Googled it and, yep, you betcha, they changed the formula.

This is the trend in cleaners. Make it safer environmentally, but make it much less effective. They’ll try and tell us it works just as well. That’s BS. It doesn’t.

Watched a good youtube video about propagating roses in the fall/winter. Basic stuff. You take cuttings, use rooting hormone, wrap the cuttings in damp newspaper to keep them moist through the next six weeks or so, etc. In the end, you have little rose plants that can eventually blossom into full rose bushes.

With gardening and farming, you must follow the seasons. You need to know when to start something. This is true of life. Many people fail, because they don’t know when to start.

The best time to plant a tree: 20 years ago. The second best time: today.


2 Responses to “Revolver Versus Automatic Pistol For Tough Survival”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping November 20, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    Too true. I’m a semi fan.
    The only weapons I’ve never been able to field service / repair easily were revolvers.
    When helping a trapper, he used 22LR revolvers in some of his traps. A bit of water dripping into the action and freezing was usually enough to lose bait as the hammer failed to drop. That doesn’t mean that a semi is 100% reliable, just easier to “care for”.

    • preppernextdoor November 20, 2013 at 8:49 pm #

      Excellent point about the cold weather.

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