Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Clothing

11 Jan

I planned on writing a post about prepping for the new year, with an emphasis on fighting the one thing that hinders our preps, procrastination. We don’t give ourselves enough time to prepare. Start early and you’ll have an advantage over those who delay. Alas, it’s now the eleventh of January and too late for a New Years Resolution post.

With record setting cold temps throughout much of the country, I thought we’d revisit preparing for extreme cold. This is a topic covered thoroughly in the book. Cold weather has killed car batteries, frozen water mains, and many have been without heat and electricity.

Many outdoor survival instructors will teach shelter building and fire building first, because these help warm us and protect us from the elements. In the worst environments, though, fires are exceptionally difficult to light. It can be difficult to find fuel.

Proper clothing is your first line of defense against extreme cold. If you want to assemble an ultimate ECW kit, watch this video to see the basic components:

These guys are bundling up for a trip to Antarctica.

Another video give a short tour of the facility:


Here’s a rundown of what you might want:

socks and thermal socks…
Carhartt bibs  –or other insulated bib…
wind pants
boot liners
heavily insulated working boots
bunny boots –warmer
face mask
gaiter –for neck
parka  –Carhartt parka for work
glove liners
snow goggles
bear paw mittens
bottom base layer, and fleece pants, fleece shirt/pullover

In most environments, a danger is that it will get above freezing and rain, so add rain gear to the list. If you’re equipped with the above clothing, you’re all set for the cold. It doesn’t matter if you’re forced to travel or stay at home.

Everything has an important role. In extreme cold, you don’t want exposed skin. With this kit, you’ll be covered from head to toe, including goggles to protect your eyes.

The best cold weather advice: If you have heat and don’t need to go anywhere, just stay warm inside until the cold snap passes.

Just noticed Harry Epstein sells some Mora knives, which seem to be all the rage:



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