My Philosophy Of Prepping (Part 2)

8 Feb

After gaining some understanding of the world around you, I believe preppers should “prep to live, not live to prep.” If memory doesn’t fail me, I first heard this great expression from Demcad on Youtube. As an urban prepper, I don’t advise moving far out into the country to be better prepared to survive a crisis.

I have the deepest respect for modern homesteaders. Many people have little understanding of how food is grown or raised. Homesteading teaches traditional self sufficient skills. If you want to homestead as a lifestyle choice, that’s wonderful. So why don’t I tell preppers to move out to the far country to become more self sufficient?

As readers of my book know, I’m a long-time prepper, being a prepper before the term was even invented. In the day, we were called “survivalists.” Unlike many younger preppers, I’m familiar with guys who did move to retreats in the country, 30 years ago. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as the case may be, total economic collapse didn’t happen. Nuclear holocaust didn’t happen. What did happen was the natural aging process. Guys who were 30 or 40 became 60 or 70. If you’re 20 and reading this, guess what? It applies to you too.

Running a small self-sufficient farm is a lot of work. It’s one thing when you’re 30 years old. It’s quite another when you’re 70. I knew guys in the city who got good paying jobs as engineers, linesman, and other trades. Thirty years later, who do you think was better off? Which group had a more comfortable retirement? Which group was more likely to need to move in with their children? Which group was ultimately more self sufficient in their old age?

With complete hindsight, looking ahead 30 years from now, there will be prepper-homesteaders in the same situation. Disconnecting yourself totally from society isn’t the best answer to preparedness.

A great term I first heard from David Nash of is “Prepsteading.” He believes in learning homesteader skills so you have them if needed without completely abandoning a modern life. Knowledge of these skills can reduce your dependence on society functioning flawlessly.

To learn more prepsteading skills, visit David’s outstanding Youtube channel and purchase his new book. Purchase a copy of Reader’s Digest’s Back To the Basics. Learn these skills? Yes. Turn your back on earning a modern income and relying solely on homesteading for your future? Not recommended.


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