My Philosophy Of Prepping (Part 3: Right To Self Defense)

10 Feb

In Part 1, I shared my belief you should have a basic understanding of the systems you rely on in your life. In Part II, I suggest you “prep to live” and don’t only “live to prep.”

Part 3 is key to my view of prepping. You should insulate yourself from harm that could be caused to you and your family by external circumstances beyond your control. This is what prepping is all about. Control what you can. Realize what you can’t.

You should insulate yourself from harm to you and your family that can be caused by irresponsible others or criminal people. In my book, I write a lot about guns, self-defense, and home hardening. Why?

I don’t want you or your family to be in a position where you can be injured by the negligence or maliciousness of others. I’m a strong believer in the right to self defense. You have the right to protect yourself and your family.

The sad fact is that some people are immoral. They won’t hesitate to harm you or your family for their own personal gain or even for their own amusement. There is no great moral virtue in letting people like that harm you or your family. I believe there is virtue in fighting people like that, and if it comes to it, even shooting them dead.

One thing I’ve heard is that this view isn’t particularly Christian. Aren’t we supposed to turn the other cheek? In a traditional view of Christianity, what happens to us in our time on earth doesn’t matter so much. The way we act and behave matters. Think of this world as a proving ground for the hereafter. It’s important we conduct ourselves morally. We can’t control the choices made by others. We can control our own actions. I understand the phrase “turn the other cheek.”

I still see harm in letting criminals run amuck harming innocent people. It’s not that I pass judgement on anyone. I don’t. But if it comes to self defense, I’ll stop an attacker. My view is that if another creature seeks to harm me or my family, I don’t really care too much about what happens to them. If everybody in society were basically moral and shared the same view, we’d have far less crime. As a society we tolerate far too much criminal behavior.

I can’t count the number of stories I’ve seen where some innocent person is murdered, raped, or violently assaulted by habitual criminals, who served time, were released, re-convicted, served more time, only to be released and commit more crimes.

In any situation where the police aren’t able to protect innocent people, criminals take advantage of the situation. They don’t care about the laws or the harm to others. In a situation like that, you must be prepared to defend yourself and your family.

If there were a total breakdown of society and laws, wouldn’t criminal gangs rule? I’m not so sure. In places like Somalia, they certainly do. In America, there is a tremendous body of basically honest people who, like me, might be classified as “gun nuts.” We like shooting. We shoot well, or at least I did when younger. Many of these guys are ex-military. Most would be classified as conservative Christian and have families. I don’t see them going out and pillaging.

At 100 yards, many of these guys can cut a dime at 100 yards with a rifle. I’d be surprised if the average criminal gangbanger could do that. I can’t help but think that in a complete breakdown of society, it’s the criminals in America who would have the most to worry about. Just as much as fear of injury, fear of prosecution prevents many people from getting involved in trying to stop a criminal.

In my view, knowing self defense is a key part of being a prepper.


3 Responses to “My Philosophy Of Prepping (Part 3: Right To Self Defense)”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping February 12, 2014 at 3:03 pm #

    What is self defense US style?
    I listen and read a lot about the ideal prepper weapons.
    Rifles, shotguns, pistols, and I wonder about the perception that some new preppers may gain.

    Take an average gun aware family. Mum and dad packing heat.
    The block where they live in comes under attack.
    Confident in their abilities on the range will they now take on a mob as that’s all they have practiced? What do you think the outcome might be?

    Bit difficult to call? Too right and although most S.O.O can’t shoot for S##t, enough lead coming your way could make your life “interesting” let alone that of your kids.

    Perhaps self defense (aka weapons training) needs a HUGE slice of situational and tactical awareness inserted into it because what I read and view on a lot on US sites leads me to believe that tactical retreats (under fire or not) aren’t part of many training programs.

    • preppernextdoor February 14, 2014 at 2:41 am #

      All very valid points. I didn’t mean to imply that only shooting well would let you hold off a mob. Alone with my family, In that case, I’d try to bug out or hide!

      My hope would be, and I’m not sure if it’s realistic today, that if conditions degenerated this bad, that many law abiding citizens would work together to defend their neighborhoods.

      I don’t know too much about my current neighborhood, but where I grew up, in an ordinary area, I knew we had two police officers (one retired), 1 ex Marine, Two ex Army, including 1 special forces, a Coast Guard officer, and thee hunters. That’s for an area of 4-5 blocks. Put a few more citizens under their leadership and I hope we could hold our own.

      This was just a typical middle-class American neighborhood. If you can encourage them all to store some food/water and stay put, we’d all be safer.

      You’re 100% correct about tactical training. Learning to shoot well is something. It’s much more difficult to learn how to function as a group under fire. My guess is we don’t see as much of that focus on prepper blogs because it’s not really something you teach with words. You need to get out and do it. Kinda like dancing. You can read about the steps all you want, but when you try it, you’ll stumble around and look much worse than you ever believed possible. I’d guess most non-hard-core-American preppers don’t practice field tactics.

      Most self defense under anything less than total social breakdown, should involve protecting your home from maybe one to three invaders. Confronted with a show of force, they’d flee. Again, that’s just my opinion. A determined mob, that’s a whole different ball game.

      Thanks for your great observations!

  2. equippedcat February 18, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    ‘Turning the other cheek’ as a Christian ideal does not mean that whatever a person does to you must be accepted and not responded to or prevented. The verse, as written, describes a particular offense which boiled down, means a ‘slap on the face’. An insult, not an attempt to physically damage. And that should be ignored. Don’t let it bother you, and don’t retaliate in any way.

    But if they mean to cause you significant harm, prevent them. Thou shalt not kill? Really? More like ‘do not murder’. After all, God Himself required considerable killing when it was necessary to protect Him and His people (as a group, obviously not as individuals).

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