Update On Ukraine Situation & Russian Propaganda

5 Mar

It looks like WWIII is a no go. Russia invaded Ukraine. Europe and America will not respond militarily to Russian aggression. On the one side of the coin: It’s smart to avoid world annihilation. I get it. On the other: A question we must all answer: Do we stand up to bullies regardless of the cost or do we skulk off with our tail between our legs? If we don’t stand up to bullies, will they continue to bully?

John Kerry¬† listed possible repercussions Russia could face as a result of the invasion. Here are John Kerry’s top three responses to the Russian invasion:

1) Organize an American boycott of Borsch.
2) Launch a TV ad campaign to discourage Americans from summer vacationing in Siberia.
3) Release a politically sensitive 1984 video of Ellen Degeneres kicking Valadimir Putin’s ass in a Judo Match.

I know: It should be a top ten list. But I’m not that clever. Russia will face a slap on the wrist for the invasion.

We called Russia’s use of propaganda correctly. It must be tough to be a Russian propagandist today. In my time, kids showed off by teaching us how to record the VCR. Kids today are too damn smart. They make their own videos and forensically analyze videos for signs of fabrication.

The Russian videos showing Ukrainians fleeing into Russia?
It’s actually a regular day at the Polish border. Note to self: Allow extra time if you need to cross the Polish border.

The Ukrainian protesters pleading for Russia’s help and intervention? Russians bussed in to pretend to be Ukrainians. Note to Putin: Next time you’re choosing kids to pretend to be Ukrainians, ask them to delete their Facebook pages showing they live in Moscow.

As far as the “civil war” in Ukraine, military experts showed the “Ukrainian” fighters supporting Russia are actually Russian soldiers. They were armed with GM 94 grenade launchers and AK-100 machine guns. Not weapons the average Ukrainian has laying around at home, but issue to Russian special forces.

In the time of Stalin, ham-fisted propaganda was used to intimidate citizens. If Stalin didn’t like you, they erased your picture from photos and you “disappeared.” I think the term today is air brushing. The intimidation: We’re so powerful we can make people disappear from history. And they can. For a while. But people don’t like bullies and that’s why empires created by force collapse.

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