Just Sharing Some Miscellaneous Links

23 Mar

The Helmets O’ Truth. Will a Kevlar helmet stop a 357 magnum 158 grain slug? Place your bet and click on the link.

NASA mathematicians calculate (How?) our modern society is destined to collapse in 350-1,000 years.

An excellent article over at ThoughtfullyPrepping about “Guerilla Philosophy”  “Guerrilla Philosophy is an unstandardized, unsanctioned, or otherwise unusual philosophy.” I’ll write more about this great concept later.

Is it better to be brainy or useful?

I don’t know, but (hope I don’t lose my prepper card for admitting I watch Survivor!) on Survivor, the Brain team is getting crushed. My opinion is the more you know and the more you can do, the better. The best way to achieve this is to take up some new hobbies. The more varied, the better:




Just saw Estwing is now making a tomahawk. Could be old news. Love Estwing hammers. My favorite is a smaller drilling hammer.

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