Update On Ukraine Situation

3 May

Most Americans don’t think the situation in the Ukraine is going to affect them. The assumption they make: The leaders of the world are too smart to start WWIII.

Preppers know better. Most of the world leaders are A-holes. We could all get incinerated by their stupidity.

This situation is up in the air and it’s impossible to know what will happen next.

Troop movements show Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. The Russians have ordered the Ukrainians to withdraw troops from their own country. Seems rather pompous.

I’m not a great military strategist, but I see a heck of a lot more red lines than blue. That’s bad news for Ukraine.

Polish citizens are nervous about Russia. Russian leader Putin refers to a “New Russia” which will involve parts of Ukraine.

To reassure Poland, the US is sending 600 paratroopers to Poland as a “trip wire.”

600 paratroopers can’t stop the Russian army, but it sends the signal that if Russia would invade Poland, it would involve military conflict with America. You know if American soldiers are killed, we aren’t going to back down.

If you want to read about how things are internally in Russia today, Rolling Stone has a good article.

Many Russians are angry they were once a “great empire” and they blame the world, primarily America, for their problems and poor economy. Journalists who report the truth are killed. Full allegiance to Putin is demanded. To turn attention away from things at home, propaganda is used to incite hatred of other nations.

For students of history, what other country invaded a neighbor, felt previously “humiliated” by the world, struggled economically, and fell under authoritarian control by a leader who felt he needed to restore his country’s former greatness? What was the result?


One Response to “Update On Ukraine Situation”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping May 3, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    Wow. Hard one.
    Fishing questions no problem, but Germany comes to mind here.
    The end result? They still rule their “world” by controlling the debt.

    As for the US? they invade everyone.
    Dunno why, just got to meddle I suppose.
    The end result? They are going bankrupt and have a questionable leadership.

    It doesn’t help that in this case the US is picking on someone who can fight back.
    Rather like Iran (now they have the bomb), the US will soon change its tune when the Russian Bear loses his rag and slaps them down.

    Personally I’d like to see this sorted out mano v mano.
    Putin, Merkyl, and Obama in a ring, no holds barred.
    Cameron the UK PM can hold the spit bucket.
    After all it’s not fair to pummel a wimp is it?

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