Dealing With BACNs (Bat A** Crazy Neighbors)

9 May

I’ll start this post with a disclaimer. I’ve always had great neighbors. Respectful of the rights of others. Good people in every regard. To the best of my knowledge all fully sane. Opening the newspaper I saw this shocking story.

My response to reading this was wtf? Can’t we all just get along? Two neighbors feuded over feeding deer. The anti-deer guy appears to have been a bully who wanted to control his neighbor’s behavior. The mother was outraged her son was arrested, even though he threatened to kill somebody and threatened to burn down their home.

One man is dead and the other will spend life in prison because these people couldn’t resolve their dispute peacefully.

My question: How would you deal with a BACN? The guy feeding the deer was on his property and feeding them was legal. Should he have given up his legitimate legal rights to appease the neighbor and ceased feeding them? Moved? Armed himself with a CCW? What course of action would you recommend?

Some other unique conflicts between neighbors that escalate into violence:

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