Protecting Your Computer, Blackshades commentary

22 May

Many people were arrested for “Blackshades” infiltration of computers.


Be aware if you visit the wrong website your computer could be infected by malware. Everybody should have a firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware software. Keep you OS updated.

If you’re keeping an older computer like XP, look into running your browser in Sandboxie or a virtual system browser. Any changes made by a malicious site are only made to your “virtual” machine and can’t harm your system.

Another point: If you run windows and surf the net, make a second account without administrator privileges. If somebody hacks your system, they can only do what a limited user could do to your system.

An alternative is DropMyRights. It does the same thing.

Preppers must learn to protect themselves and their families from all threats. Online threats are a concern today.

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