Just sharing some links, EMP-Solar Storm, blogs, Do you need an assault rifle?

14 Aug

If you think about the past it’s interesting to speculate how many times you came unknowingly close to disaster. You weren’t aware of the danger but could have been done in.

According to this story a solar superstorm just missed the earth’s orbit by weeks. “If we had been in its path, NASA says it would have had a ‘catastrophic effect,’ blowing out electrical systems, GPS, radio systems and other technology worldwide, plunging billions of people into a blackout that could take years to repair.”

The story says there is a 12% chance of a major solar storm hitting the earth in the next ten years.

To prepare for a solar storm make the same preparations you would for any other disaster: Store food, water. Gain defensive capabilites. That will see you through most any disaster. I always thought the chances of a solar storm were overblown. I could have been wrong.

It doesn’t take a solar storm to dry up supplies. A water issue in Toledo, Ohio had residents scrambling to purchase drinking water.

Here’s a question for preppers:  Do you really need a defensive rifle? (assault rifle, battle rifle). Under most situations, no. But, in a riot, a semi auto magazine fed rifle designed for sustained fire could prove mighty useful.

Don’t think riots happen in the USA? This is just one recent example.

Here’s a video from TheLordHumungus sharing some of his favorite youtube channels and blogs.


What are  5 of your favorite youtube channels and blogs for preppers? This is my list:

1. Apartment Prepper. Great information. Good writing. Balanced site. Lots of topics.

2. David Nash’s website and youtube blogs.  David Nash is the prepper’s prepper. He has a vast range of experience with so many topics.  From teaching pistol shooting to raising bees to pretty much every other topic under the sun that a prepper would need to know.  All preppers can benefit from his book “52 prepper projects.” If you’re looking for solid information based on hands-on experience, this is the place to go.

3. Demcad. My personal favorite youtube prepper. Good information.  Great commentary. I love the way he can laugh off society’s silliness.

4. Thoughtfully Prepping. I only discovered this blog fairly recently. It has great commentary and solid information. It’s one of those blogs that deserves far more attention than it gets.

5. TraceMyPreps.com. Another one of the gem blogs hidden in the vastness of the Internet. Prepper turned homesteader.



2 Responses to “Just sharing some links, EMP-Solar Storm, blogs, Do you need an assault rifle?”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping August 16, 2014 at 9:39 am #

    EMP, solar flares, sun spots, and all that guff.
    Yep it MAY do as advertised. Historically there appears to be evidence to support that YET with recent alerts coming at the rate of one a month it’s getting a bit boring waiting for the ELE event to happen.
    At this moment I’d welcome it occurring.
    Anything that cuts intercontinental flights and the possibility of Ebola spreading is highly appealing.

    Assault weapons for self defense ,
    For close range fast moving targets of various shapes, speed, and ages typically under 75 feet,

    Nope, stuff the assault rifle, pass the 12g auto loader or AA12 shotgun.
    Why? Because it’s not how much power and accuracy you’ve got,
    It’s going to be more about how much lead can you lay down to keep them away.

    For example. I empty a 30 shot magazine of say 7.62 x 39,
    Naughty in some states but you’ll get my drift soon.
    30 x 7.62 is 228mm worth of side by side lead. A whooping 8 inch spread at best.

    I now let loose with an auto loader or AA12 shotgun with say 20 rounds of #4 buck.
    Anything within 100 feet of me is going to have a seriously bad day.
    It’s loud, it’s “brash”, and at 75 feet with a combat barrel I’m spreading shot at an average of 21 inches per pop.

    Seriously, as a rioter or even a professional, who is the bigger deterrent if not threat?
    The nutter who can’t shoot for toffee with a big gun or the old guy relentlessly throwing #4 at you swinging gently side to side taking out large swathes of your mates?

    Now add another 12g. One firing, one reloading.
    Jeez can anyone else say “awesome”!

    OK it hasn’t got power (when compared to assault weapons).
    Over 25 yards doesn’t exactly look “mean”, but to stand there in front of one going “pop-pop-pop”, out of cover, and still continue to advance?

    Even with body armor on the shot spread is enough to center mass you and a few for the extremities. You’d have to be demented to take on that sort of power.

    In a riot (in my humble opinion) you don’t need the precision of a rifle you need the steady repetitive thump of a 12 gauge (preferably two).


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