Commentary, Lessons From Missouri Riots

17 Aug

There is more rioting in Missouri.

This rioting started when a man, Michael Brown, was shot by a police officer. Here’s my take on all this:

1. This “kid” is a huge trouble maker and a aggressive criminal as seen in a surveillance video. This isn’t some innocent law-abiding “kid.”
2. Police didn’t enforce the law against looters. They didn’t protect stores because they didn’t want to “inflame” the situation. Be prepared to defend yourself if situations get really bad.
3. The police officer who did his job is being harassed. This is a risk for anybody in law enforcement or anybody who fights crime.
4. City will likely pay a ton of money to the family of this criminal just to make the situation go away.
5. Even if he put his “hands up” once aggression has started and you’re defending yourself many of us have been taught to keep shooting until the attacker goes down. This is something people not trained in combat don’t understand.
6. If I was the shop owner in the above video, I’d have kicked the big bully in the nats when he pushed me.  A good front kick is a nice thing to have in your skill set. Kudos to the shop owner for standing up to such a bigger robber. That took guts. It’s not what were told to do from a safety standpoint. Still respect.
7. DAMN. I just sold my last “assault rifle.”  Preppers should own a fighting rifle. Against an aggressive crowd, I’d much rather have an autoloading rifle than a shotgun.

8. Choose where you live carefully. It’s best not to live near stores that could become the targets of looting.

What’s your opinion of the situation?

2 Responses to “Commentary, Lessons From Missouri Riots”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping August 19, 2014 at 5:15 am #

    It don’t matter the reason why they are rioting, it’s rioting.
    Problem is all the collateral damage.
    Problem is also the militarized police, government training, “if it’s not in the playbook we’re stumped” attitude, totally incapable of dealing with everything going on, too few in too fluid a situation.

    After all it’s no good fighting a riot when there is no epicenter, better to just declare martial law and deputize anyone “civil minded” with a firearm.

    A classic example of what to expect in future and a VERY good reason for the nice little auto loader 12 g (preferably two) I talked about earlier..

    There again where was your president?
    Much better he be down there calming things down among his “people”.
    I’m sure he would have been safe (except for those annoying negligent discharges you get every now and again.)

  2. teabag August 27, 2014 at 6:03 am #

    yes, michael brown was a bully and a petty thief. that doesn’t mean he was a “huge trouble maker”–lots of teens commit minor crimes, then grow up to be decent adults. besides, do you really think petty theft should be a capital offense? “shoot until the attacker goes down” may be reasonable in combat, but not on the streets. the cops could have put one bullet into him instead of several in rapid succession, aimed for his legs instead of his head, driven some distance away to buy some time, if he was that scared, and he probably had a lot of other options i can’t think of. hell, just closing the window of his car would’ve protected him! michael was big, but aren’t cops trained to take down bigger unarmed opponents? if this were an isolated incident, people wouldn’t be so upset; but the fact is that law enforcement is one of the sectors of our society in which racism is still the norm. that has to change, and it won’t until we face the truth.

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