Rioting Commentary, Hunger, Do Preppers Need Explosive Knowledge?

27 Aug

I read an editorial about the Missouri riots.
“Another tragic and unjust killing of a young black man shows that, for all the progress on civil rights, America’s racial wounds are still open”

All I can say is wow. Just wow. From witness accounts this guy attacked a police officer and went for his gun. Shooting somebody going for your gun isn’t “unjust.”

The problem is this guy didn’t feel the rules applied to him. He was a huge dude at 6 feet 4 inches and some 300 pounds. He walked into a store and stole from it and threatened a clerk who “dared” to confront him. He walked down a road obstructing traffic. When asked to move, he attacked the police officer. If he had literally followed the rules of the road and common courtesy he’d be alive today. Simple.

Here’s another case of feeling the rules don’t apply.
This guy was skateboarding in a park where it was forbidden. A park ranger asked him and his friends to stop skating. Did he apologize and leave? Nope. He beat the officer up. In the day, as youngsters we wouldn’t talk back to an officer, let alone physically assault him.


There’s much talk about police not respecting the rights of citizens and not having adequate sensitivity. What isn’t talked about is respecting authorities. Many of these guys who wind up shot or in prision bring it down on themselves.
If stopped by a police officer, understand their job is stressful and risky. If their requests are at all reasonable, “stand over their sir,” “take your hands out of your pockets,” just do what they ask. Be respectful of their legitimate authority. People who respect laws are called citizens. People who don’t feel the rules apply to them: Criminals.


We’ll classify these links as my favorite preppers going too far:

Over at TraceMyPreps, Trace is starving himself for amusement.

It’s an excellent piece about how we’re effected by serious hunger. Most of us have no idea how we’ll really feel when hungry or how it distracts the mind. Most Americans have no clue what it’s like not to have food and be hungry. If food ever weren’t available, chaos would rein. Some Americans couldn’t function. Others would turn to violence to get grub. Others would go on and silently suffer.

I understand the desire to know what something feels like and to test oneself. We’re preppers though. Not military special forces. We don’t need to be starved, sleep deprived, and generally abused to find out what we’re made of. Prepping should be about doing everything we can to avoid those situations. Not hardening ourselves physically and mentally for the worst situations. I’ll write more about this idea later.
Over at TNGun, David Nash is reviewing books about explosives. Unless we’re invaded we’ll never need that knowledge. All we can achieve is getting put on watch lists by various government agencies. Jesus, I’m even afraid to link to the post. I don’t like being on lists. I don’t even like being on Christmas lists. Who knows where that information eventually goes! Have I been naughty or nice, none of your damn business.

I agree we have a Constitutional right to the information. Here’s the rub: If a totalitarian government ever did come to power, former rights go right out the window. What would remain would be the digital record of our knowledge. A ruthless government could take the preemptive step of going after all the people they knew had the capability, interest, or mindset of fighting them.

When the Nazis seized power in Germany, there were groups that fought them. One group: The Red Orchestra, which believed in communism. When Russia captured part of Germany after the war, these people felt they’d be in good standing. They had been ideologically devoted to the concept of communism. They were loyal.

What did the communist invaders do? Promptly rounded up those people and arrested them. It made sense: If they were brave enough to fight the Nazis they’d have the willingness to fight the communists too, once they saw through the ideological bullshit and realized they were going to be under the thumb of another group.

Never trust governments, don’t get suckered in by any ideology, and stay off lists.


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  1. thoughtfullyprepping August 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    “Stay off lists”. Impossible. Staying safe from the government? Equally impossible.
    Better to just be situationally aware and NOT open the door to the Fed / cop pounding on it.

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