Just Sharing Links, Cheap Harbor Freight Flashlight

7 Sep

I wanted to share some links.

It helps acquire supplies if we can get them cheap. Here are some things survival mom says keep an eye out for at garage sales.

With no law enforcement, society could deteriorate into chaos if we lack the physical ability to prevent it. Some people take advantage of situations to exploit others. Chaos and rampant misbehavior can even reign at garage sales. Too many people don’t think they must follow rules of civilization if no one enforces order. This is a horrible story of how miscreants ripped off a 93 year old lady at a garage sale. In WROL most people would be just like that poor lady. Incapable of protecting access to their home.

Speaking of cheap. There are Harbor Freight coupons in papers giving a free LED flashlight with any purchase. Get a 50 cent brush. These lights are nice. Just replace the batteries. HF ads/fliers appear in many newspapers.

Here’s a really good article about protecting your eyes. UV light is too easily overlooked.

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