The Aging Urban Prepper

21 Feb

I did some shadow boxing today. It’s been a while since I did that last. Now I remember why. I was comically slow. I’d never do it in a gym for fear of some idiot with a camera and a Youtube account.

Hand speed is lost as we age. I wish I had a hundred dollars for every time an aging boxer wants to make a come back and says, “I’m in the best shape of my life.”

It’s true he can run as many miles as he did when younger. He can bench press as much as he once did. He can still do a ton of pushups. When he gets in the ring, he gets his ass handed to him. Why? A lack of hand speed. He throws a punch. His opponent throws a punch. His opponent’s lands first. That makes all the difference.

Many blogging younger preppers love to write about what they did this week to prepare. When you reach a certain age you realize your absolute survivability will decline with each passing year. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Eyesight can be a big issue when pistol shooting. As you age you lose the ability to focus at closer distances. Your sights will be more blurry.

Worn out body parts are a big issue. I loved doing pushups when younger. One year I did 200 pushups a day every day, 73,000 for the year. If you’re younger and reading this: DON’T DO THIS. You’ll miss your shoulders when they’re gone. Do maybe 80 a set 2-3 times a week and call it a day. I can still do pushups but everyone hurts like a pin in my shoulder.

Younger urban preppers will plan their zombie apocalypse bugout route from the city. Older gents will plan their bug out route to the restrooms during half time.

It would be easy to be jealous of the young because of the extra years they have ahead of them. I’m not though. With each passing year, I know I’ve had my life. That’s all we can get in the end.

With each passing year, the world becomes more dangerous. More countries get nuclear weapons. More conflicts erupt which could spill over into WWIII. If we believe there is a doomsday clock ticking away for the world, the more years we get in before it happens, the better.

Many people want to believe societies are too intelligent to fight another world war. “They” wouldn’t be that stupid. People aren’t any smarter than they were in the 1940s. We haven’t changed. Only our weapons are much more deadly and more widespread.

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  1. thoughtfullyprepping February 22, 2015 at 7:41 am #

    It’s always been my contention that growing older means you have to think more about what you ARE DOING (and more importantly) what you physically CAN DO to survive.

    It’s like the mantra of “do more PT”.
    Fine, away they go except now my daily distance has dropped dramatically from the marathons of youth to 4 miles tops, and that’s walking with a only 12 kg pack!

    Except do I need to be able to run up hills anymore?
    It’s simple for me, I CAN’T so prepping now has taken on a more focused Intel based process and transit decisions are taken BEFORE the main event, not during.

    Will I get caught out? I might.
    Yet sheltering in place is firmly on the list as opposed to running for the hills..

    My whole focus has changed to a scavenging and self defense role.
    Funny how less mobile you get the more you think about fighting off aggressors.

    Scavenging is my goal obtaining what I need in the local area thus I won’t be using a more physical side to surviving more living by my smarts not brawn.
    Again Intel is God for this role. After all it’s no good going out to scavenge if you don’t come back with the goods or just lose your life.

  2. teabag March 3, 2015 at 1:45 am #

    i’ve found prepping to be a wonderful motivator in becoming more at peace with both life and mortality. between aging and being dependent on thyroid pills for survival, i’ve had to realize how precious life is and also how short it will be in a prolonged shtf situation. as a result, i’m a calmer and happier person; i feel more peace about living and dying. i wonder how many other people have had this experience?

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