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Another Prepper Next Door book review

25 Oct

TheLordHumungus (Youtube) just reviewed The Prepper Next Door:


Check out his youtube channel. This dude seriously rocks as a prepper, from knowing about self-sufficiency to doing handstand pushups. He’s way too generous…on Youtube he’s giving away a 1911 Kimber pistol or half an ounce of gold!


Prepper Next Door Reviews (& Edits)

14 Oct

The Prepper Next Door was recently reviewed by David Nash on his website. He wrote, “This book is jam packed with information.” Read the rest of the review here or watch the video review.

Many preppers will be familiar with David and That’s a great site I forgot to include in my resource section. He is working on a new book, which will list about 50 projects that will help preppers become more self-sufficient. Based on TNGun’s solid videos on Youtube, I know this book will be a great addition to a prepper library.

One of my favorite preppers on Youtube, Demcad, reviewed The Prepper Next Door.

I must say I find it very cool to see preppers I’ve watched for years on Youtube reviewing my book!

I’ve already begun working on a revised edition, to incorporate some of the improvements suggested by other preppers. Primarily, I want to add sections to make the book more readable.

One thing didn’t go so well. I wanted to shorten the 60 or so page chapter about guns. I started working on that goal, and it’s now at about (I’d guess) 70 pages. There were a few topics I decided to add, and I think they were good additions.

In the section about stopping power, I’m adding a bit about bullet penetration. Years ago gun testers shot various pistol bullets at pine boards to see how deeply the bullets would go. Something that surprises many people is that the 9mm 115 grain FMJ bullets penetrate about twice as far (about 9 inches) as the standard 45 ACP 230 grain FMJ.

Logically, this makes a certain sense. It takes a lot more energy to make a bigger hole! This doesn’t mean that the 9mm is superior. But it has certain implications.

With the Internet today, we can find sites that test this sort of thing. One interesting site is The idea being that the box is a ballistics box designed to test bullets. Few of us want to waste good pine boards or other material testing bullet penetration.

A few of the tests that preppers might want to look at include:
A test of different calibers against Level III body armor.

Shooting at stacks of books.

A test of shooting at an engine block. (Not a particularly safe idea) They also shoot at locks, like you see in the movies. These guys have way too much time on their hands.

One warning. I clicked to visit the theboxotruth online discussion boards to see what people were saying, and my PC gave a warning that their boards might be infected by malicious spyware. I’d stay away from those discussion boards for now.

Unfortunately, malicious hackers can spoil things for us, because they want to load crap onto our computer to try to steal from us. They often target discussion boards on legitimate sites.

All preppers should devote some time to learning about online security and to protecting their computers from malicious hackers.

Two anti-spyware programs I run regularly, and which are free, include MalwareBytes and Spybot Search & Destroy (Just love that name)

Here’s a site that will test the integrity of your installed firewall : ( Shields Up!

We must be careful about online scans that claim to be spyware scans. Some are legitimate, but others are spyware. It’s a shame we must waste our time with this sort of thing, but it’s just one more aspect of prepping: Learn a bit now and save yourself potential problems in the future. Think for a minute about how much of prepping is learning to protect ourselves from malicious idiots and the ethically and morally challenged. Sans them, prepping would be *so much* easier.

Drought Cuts U.S. Crops Below Demand First Time in 38 Years

This is a nice 22 minute introduction (on Youtube) to HAM Radio:

Another Prepper Book Review

18 Sep

Bernie Carr ( just reviewed The Prepper Next Door and wrote  “I really liked the comprehensive information given in the book; you can tell the author knows his stuff and has done a lot of research.” You can read the full review here.

Preppers will, of course, know that Carr authored a great little book about prepping.

Bernie Carr’s new book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide, is one of the first books new preppers should read. Carr writes the popular Apartment Prepper blog ( The book divides up into 101 short sections suggesting something you can do to mitigate a disaster or emergency.

Example: Topic 19 shows how to drain water from your water heater (with a nice drawing). Most of the topics don’t require any special survival gear, but some do. Point 93 shows how to brew coffee without electricity with a French Press. The topics are down to earth, like owning good footwear so you can evacuate by foot.

The only point I’d take exception to is topic 79 about creating an electrolyte solution to keep hydrated. Just drink water or your favorite beverage. You’ll get plenty of salt from your food. (If you want, the newspaper had an article that said eat potato chips to keep your salt up in dry weather. Yeah, I’ll go with that! Potato chips.)

The book is a great gift idea for preppers to give to family and friends to encourage them to make some basic preparations. There are no topics like “How To Fillet A Rat” or “How to Make A Booby Trap To Chop Off A Guy’s Legs.” That makes the book a perfect gift to friends and family who might be turned off by a hardcore survivalist book. If you want to gently introduce someone into the world of prepping, buy them the book  (link to amazon).

Prepper Next Door Book Review On

13 Sep

Jim Cobb ( just reviewed The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning and wrote: “Every single one of the 300 or so pages is jam-packed with solid information.”  Read the full review.

Cobb has a new book coming out Prepper’s Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary  which sounds like a great read. Amazon has a special preorder special for this book discounting it 32% and saying if they discount it more before the book’s release, you’ll get the best price.

I hope you’ll order a copy of each book to build up your prepper library!

Prepper Book Reviews

23 Aug

The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning was recently reviewed on these two great prepper blogs:

Book Review: The Prepper Next Door  (

Book Review: The Prepper Next Door (

Other stuff in the news:

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