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100 Must Have Items For Preppers

27 Aug

This is a brainstorming checklist of items preppers should own. It’s not an exhaustive list of necessary supplies, but a list of commonly useful items. I didn’t list anything too specialized or expensive. Because of this, items like “generator” or “engine hoist” didn’t make my list. I did include a locator beacon because of its value if you’re lost in a really remote area. How many of the items do you own?

1. Duck tape
2. Bailing wire or equivalent
3. N95 masks
4. Roll of clear plastic sheeting
5. Large crowbar
6. Vise Grips
7. Safety Glasses
8. Tight fitting mechanics/work gloves
9. Chlorine bleach
10. Tarps
11. Rip hammer
12. First Aid Kit
13. Hiking boots or rugged shoes
14. Military style poncho
15. Metal match
16. Compass
17. Sheath knife
18. Hudson’s Bay Axe or equivalent
19. Small bow saw or folding saw
20. Shovel
21. Paracord or equivalent
22. Outdoor grate/grill
23. Dutch Oven
24. Outdoor usable cook set
25. Canteens
26. Defensive Pistol
27. Sleeping bag(s) appropriate for your location
28. Backpack(s)
29. Rugged small flashlights (2 or more)
30. LED camp lamps or equivalent
31. Sharpening stone and files
32. Quality survival water filter
33. Disinfecting Handy wipes
34. Financial savings equal to at least one months income
35. Insect Repellant
36. Rat poison
37. Food rations for at least two weeks
38. Stored drinking water for at least two weeks
39. Defensive shotgun
40. Smoke Detectors
41. CO detectors
42. Fire extinguishers
43. Battery operated or hand-cranked radio for getting news
44. Emergency whistle
45. Emergency signal mirror
46. Hard drive or other back up of your important documents
47. Rugged Jeans/BDUs/workpants
48. Quality jacket appropriate for your climate
49. Appropriate wrench to turn off your supply of natural gas
50. Box matches/emergency storm matches
51. Dishcloths, dishtowels, and manual dish-drying rack
52. Small stash of toilet paper
53. Small stash of dental care products: Dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Listerine
54. Small stash or personal medications (if at all possible)
55. Small stash of personal hygiene products: Bar soap, shampoo, etc.
56. Paper Plates (alternative to washing dishes if water is out)
57. Extra fuel can for vehicle
58. Extra full size tire/wheel-assembly for vehicle
59. Small stash of extra ammo for your firearms in a 50 cal military ammo can(s) or equivalent
60. Outdoor charcoal barbecue grill or Coleman stove and fuel
61. Machete (not the movie)
62. Small stash of batteries for flashlights, radio, etc.
63. Jug of full strength coolant for your vehicle, extra radiator hoses, clamps
64. Chainsaw (if appropriate for your situation)
65. Small stash of garbage bags
66. EPIRB emergency locator beacon (only if you travel in the most remote parts)
67. USMC Seal Line Drybag or equivalent for your sleeping bag(s)
68. Goretex sleeping bag cover or small tent
69. Leatherman multitool and/or assorted pliers.
70. Sewing repair items: Needles, threads, patch fabric, etc.
71. US GI Arctic Canteen(s) (if appropriate for your situation)
72. Portable car battery jumpstarter
73. Small stash of wool socks
74. Sunglasses (Prescription if needed)
75. Wide-brimmed sun hat
76. Big game hunting rifle (if appropriate for your situation)
77. Anti-bacterial hand soap
78. Inexpensive hazmat suits/tyvec coveralls
79. Small stash of rubber cleaning gloves
80. Powerful flashlight for searching/security use (TK 60 or equivalent)
81. Claymore landmines for zombie defense (just kidding)
82. Emergency radio capable of transmitting (Yaesu VX-7R, etc., optional)
83. Porta Potty or alternative (more garbage bags as toilet liners, etc.)
84. Extra Pet Supplies: Pet food, pet first aid supplies, etc. (if appropriate)
85. Small lumber stash: 2x4s, 4x4s for emergency repair. Plywood sheets to cover windows for storms (if appropriate for area), extra roof singles. Nails.
86. Snow shovels, Ice Melt, Snowblower (if appropriate for area)
87. Hearing protection (ear muffs)
88. Rain barrels
89. Heavy duty rope
90. Heavy duty ratcheting straps (useful for pulling stuff away from other stuff)
91. Powerful bottle jack (useful for lifting heavy stuff up: replacing a support column, etc.)
92. Small collection of plumbing caps, plugs, etc., and the tools to make emergency plumbing repairs (tools vary with types of piping you have)
93. Small collection of gardening tools and seeds (only for long-term survival)
94. Extra front and rear house door (in case your door is ever breached and needs repair).
95. Pool Shock (Calcium hypochlorite, no additives) for long-term water treatment, bleach alternative
96. Extra house/car keys (kept with spouse). Some like keeping an extra car key in their wallet
97. Small stash of miscellaneous epoxies, goops, JB Weld, Gorilla Glue, roofing cement, caulks, and other sticky products for making various repairs
98. Small set of mechanics tools kept in vehicle
99. Hard hat, knee pads.
100. Small collection of prepper/survival books. Books on backpacking, wilderness survival, homesteading topics, first aid, edible wild plants, etc., can add to your knowledge.

If you have a positive mental attitude and have acquired most of the items on this list, you’ll be prepared to take on many challenges.

Charlie Palmer -author, The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning (link to book on Amazon)