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American Oligarchy

24 Apr

It’s official. America is no longer a democracy, a republic, or a representative government. We’re an oligarchy. Examining 1,800 policy changes, the will of the American people made little difference in determining policy. What mattered: The interests of the super rich and the special interest lobbying groups. They get what they want.




When the interests of the special interests coincided with the will of citizens, citizens believe their government is responsive to their wishes. It’s just coincidence. Citizens get what they want just often enough to keep them believing they actually matter and have a voice in government.

Lesson: It doesn’t matter what people call something. What matters is how it works. Many governments today are essentially operating oligarchies with a fa├žade of public participation.

Neat Quote:
“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand. ”

Here’s a good example of how big business works over the little guy. If you install solar panels in Oklahoma and offer your energy to the energy companies, you’ll now be charged an extra fee for not using energy from the energy companies. Lesson: if you go with solar or wind you need batteries to save energy for your own use.

Always remember: “Safety, as you know, is paramount.” Situational awareness is good too.


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