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More Prepping Lessons From The Ukraine

19 Mar

In my opinion, America’s response to the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is a policy disaster. Years ago, Ukraine surrendered all their nuclear weapons for assurances by Russia and America that their country’s borders would be respected. One of the big countries invaded them. The other stood by and did little about the invasion.

The lesson for small countries: Keep your nukes. If you’re a small country without nuclear capability, the lesson: Get nukes fast. This will make international efforts to restrict and ban nuclear weapons more difficult in the future.

As more small countries realize the rule of size and power means more than the international rule of law, the world will become a more dangerous place. A small country would be nuts to give up its nuclear weaponry. Mind you: I’m adamantly opposed to all nuclear weapons and wish they didn’t exist.

The lesson to the individual prepper is the same: Never lose your ability to defend yourself or you’ll be at the mercy of others. A written guarantee of protection is inferior to weapons. Hoping others will follow the law can’t always be counted on.

My belief is that nothing is guaranteed in life. I’ve had preppers say because they have a small farm, they’ll always have food. I hope that’s true. It hasn’t always been in history. The Ukraine provides the best historical example.

Before communism took over and created the former Soviet Union, The Ukraine was largely a rural farming community, where land was owned by individual families. Many families owned twenty acres, a small amount compared to a typical American family farm, which might be 160 acres. The Ukraine was known as the breadbasket of Europe, because of its rich farming.

Stalin invaded the Ukraine and seized family farms. The farms were handed over to the government in a policy known as collectivization. Families were broken up and forced to flee their homes.

Many Ukrainians resisted the new Russian rule. To tamp down the resistance, Stalin initiated a brutal policy of holodomor or man-made starvation.

Stores of foods in homes were confiscated and the government sat on substantial grain reserves and exported massive amounts of grain as seven million Ukrainians starved to death. This happened in one of the richest farming areas in the world.

Even bean counters weren’t spared from Stalin. When census officials reported millions of fewer people existed, the census officials were shot.

Prepping Lessons:

1) Store food.

2) Be prepared to hide your stored food or defend it.

3) Be prepared to flee if your stored food and home is taken over. Nothing is every fully guaranteed.

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