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Proposed Minnesota Gun-Magazine Ban (MN Prepper Alert)

8 Feb

Just a quick post. I stumbled on this article “Minn. Legislature: Assault-weapons ban heats up gun hearings

I figured no big deal. Talk, talk, yada, yada. Then somebody commented that if this bill 242 goes through, Minnesota would join New York in disallowing magazines greater than ten rounds. I googled the proposed legislation  myself …yikes e mikes e….the commentator was correct.

Here is the legislation:
Any person who, on August 1, 2013, is in possession of a large-capacity magazine
2.30has 120 days to do either of the following without being subject to prosecution under
2.31Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7133:
2.32(1) permanently alter the magazine so it cannot accommodate more than ten rounds;
2.33(2) remove the large-capacity magazine from the state; or
2.34(3) surrender the large-capacity magazine to a law enforcement agency for

Notice, no grandfathering in of old magazines currently owned. If this law passes, Minnesota preppers with “high capacity” magazines would be in legal peril. I’m glad I never switched away from the old 1911-A1. If I have it and my 870 I’d feel well protected.

The proposed ban on “assault rifles” would impact DPMS Panther Arms, based in Minnesota.

If you find yourself subject to this sort of thing and you want to comply with the law, look into selling your magazines on an online gun auction site, like gunbroker.com. Given the amount of money people are paying for these today, if you have extra magazines, now might be the time to sell them and pocket the cash.

Oh, well, if they take away our guns, at least we’ll have our knitting needles and cooking.

Here’s a depressing story: Hundreds of thousands of people with advanced degrees are on food stamps.

We’ll classify this one under: “Who Knew?” It turns out during drought you should water your home’s foundation.
In Minnesota, foundations are cracking at record levels because of ground dryness.

Here’s a nice article about rainwater collection in Texas. There is a link to a pdf about harvesting rainwater (This is the same pdf I recommend in The Prepper Next Door.)

The drought is harming owls in Texas.