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Moral Decay In American Colleges and WWYD

9 Dec

A recent video that went viral on Youtube shows an elderly college professor being harassed by college football players:


What started as a harmless snowball thrown at a car escalated into punks jumping in front of his car to stop it and others dumping snow on his windshield and into his vehicle. It looked like he was hit in the eye with a snowball.

The incident shows the behavior of mobs, which can suddenly turn dangerous. In mob behavior, the participants don’t feel personal responsibility for their actions and the worst characters in society behave with reckless abandon. It’s one thing to have fun in the snow. It’s quite another to throw snowballs at an elderly gentleman or to detain traffic.

That these students aren’t immediately expelled shows the moral decay in American colleges. It’s exactly this tolerance for anti-social behavior that encourages more of the same.

If a little snow can encourage college students to act like total A-holes, how would people behave in a total breakdown of social order? Maybe an AK or AR is a prepper necessity?

Here’s a prepper question: What would you do in this situation? You’re being forcibly detained by several young aggressive males. You’re facing a mob mentality where anything can happen.