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300,000 West Virginia Residents Without Water

13 Jan

300,000 residents have been without useable tap water for four days due to a chemical spill.

According to the news story: “The reliance on bottled water is taking its toll on frustrated residents who’ve stripped stores and spent hours in long lines to collect water from tankers set up by the National Guard. Until the water is deemed safe, residents have been asked not to drink, bathe and cook with the tainted tap.”

In my book, water is one of the central topics, because it’s so important. Those reading my blog already know the importance of water and probably have water reserves, the ability to purify and treat water, and the ability to collect rainwater. The ability to draw water from a well or a river is great, but always allow for the possibility of chemical spills cutting off that supply.

Use this as a teaching tool to encourage your friends, who you want to be preppers, to make modest preparations. Ask them if they have a four or five day supply of water reserves.