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Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke

19 Jul

Most Americans know it’s not a good idea to leave small children alone in a car during the summer months because the high temperatures inside of a car can lead to heat stroke. The elderly are susceptible to heat exhaustion. Pets are subject to heat exhaustion. For those who want a refresher about the topic, here are some links:

Mayo Clinic on heat stroke
May Clinic on heat exhaustion
Heat stroke in dogs
Heat stoke and kids in vehicles (safekids.org)
Pets and heat
Heat and aging (pdf)

U.S. drought biggest since 1956, climate agency says (CNN story)

Stephen Colbert makes fun of “Doomsday Preppers”

Surviving Alone in Alaska (a 52 minute Youtube documentary; shooting a bear, trapping a rabbit, not for the squeamish.)

A nice site (wintercampers.com) devoted to winter camping … to take your mind off the heat wave.