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The Prepper Next Door Was Just Reviewed on

24 Jun

“I would give this book to anyone who is asking a lot of questions about preparedness, but who won’t be scared away by the overwhelming ideas and implications it brings.  This book will help give them a good foundation and set them on the path to prep.”

By the way, the PrepperWebsite is a great resource for those looking to find new prepper websites. No matter what your prepping interest, you’ll find some good stuff over there.

For those looking for unique outdoor survival skills to work on, this article talks about using a water transpiration bag.
A water what bag? For those who want to learn more about the process of transpiration, this page has some great information.
Before clicking the link, here’s a quick question: How many gallons of water can a large oak tree “transpire” over a year?

A) 250 gallons
B) 1,000 gallons
C) 10,000 gallons
D) 16,000 gallons
E) 20,000 gallons
F) Over 20,000 gallons

For aspiring mountain climbers, this is a nice blog.
Reading about some of the bad effects of high altitude,
I coming to believe God wants us to admire high mountains from the ground!

The Prepper’s Urban Survival Manual (PND ebook updated)

31 May

Just a quick note that the PND kindle ebook version of PND has been updated and renamed to:

The Prepper’s Urban Survival Manual: A Modern Survivalist’s Guide To Disaster Preparation & Emergency Readiness.

I believe this new title better conveys the nature of the book: It’s a manual for preppers with a focus on urban survival preppping.

Prepper Next Door Book Interview On

12 Feb

Just a quick post to let readers know I was interviewed on Check out the full review here:

Prepper Next Door Book Review

1 Feb

Donald Green over at reviewed The Prepper Next Door and wrote: “I whole-heartedly recommend, The Prepper Next Door, by Charlie Palmer as a gift for that novice or non-preppin friend, and for yourself.  Everyone will learn something from it.”

Read the full book review here.

Another Prepper Next Door Book Review

8 Nov

Dan at the just reviewed The Prepper Next Door.

He writes: “There are issues that make the book distracting and boring, but if you can look past that, there is still some really good information.”

Distracting and boring? Ouch. I really tried to write it so it would be entertaining and lively. Anyway, check out the review and Dan’s site It’s a great blog with videos and practical advice for preppers. He has a video about the dangers of radon, which is an important topic for many homeowners.