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Just Sharing Some Prepper Links & Stories

4 Oct

Because some people can’t control their emotions, especially their temper, they shouldn’t carry guns. It doesn’t matter how well they shoot. Here’s a story about road rage.

This fellow had a degree in electrical engineering, was a world-class fencer, driving a BMW, and was a really good shot. In the end, it appears, he couldn’t control his temper and will probably be convicted and go to prison for many decades for shooting another driver. Intelligence and skill mean nothing if you can’t control your emotions adequately.

Dan at thedailyprep.com has a post about urban homesteading. As preppers, most of us aren’t going to move out into the boonies. There is a link to a youtube video about a family of urban homesteaders that were featured on Doomsday Preppers.

The same family was featured here (which I liked more than their segment on Doomsday Preppers).

Many communities provide information for those who want to learn about growing food in urban or suburban environments. This link is from seattle.gov. There is a link their to a short pdf “Growing Food In the City.”

Urban homesteading isn’t all roses. There are issues of chicken complaints and goat sex. Here’s a sad story about a lamb.

Some animal shelters are seeing more goats, ducks, and chickens. Some people get excited by the idea of urban homesteading, but then lose interest or decide it’s too much work or whatever.

Here’s a really nice site (omegamanjournal.wordpress.com) about prepping with a focus on water issues.

Some of the topics include using UV light to disinfect water and what a city without a modern, working sanitation system looks like.
Here’s a good article about the AR-15 from a site devoted to survival guns (modernsurvivalguns.com).