Another Prepper Book Review

18 Sep

Bernie Carr ( just reviewed The Prepper Next Door and wrote  “I really liked the comprehensive information given in the book; you can tell the author knows his stuff and has done a lot of research.” You can read the full review here.

Preppers will, of course, know that Carr authored a great little book about prepping.

Bernie Carr’s new book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide, is one of the first books new preppers should read. Carr writes the popular Apartment Prepper blog ( The book divides up into 101 short sections suggesting something you can do to mitigate a disaster or emergency.

Example: Topic 19 shows how to drain water from your water heater (with a nice drawing). Most of the topics don’t require any special survival gear, but some do. Point 93 shows how to brew coffee without electricity with a French Press. The topics are down to earth, like owning good footwear so you can evacuate by foot.

The only point I’d take exception to is topic 79 about creating an electrolyte solution to keep hydrated. Just drink water or your favorite beverage. You’ll get plenty of salt from your food. (If you want, the newspaper had an article that said eat potato chips to keep your salt up in dry weather. Yeah, I’ll go with that! Potato chips.)

The book is a great gift idea for preppers to give to family and friends to encourage them to make some basic preparations. There are no topics like “How To Fillet A Rat” or “How to Make A Booby Trap To Chop Off A Guy’s Legs.” That makes the book a perfect gift to friends and family who might be turned off by a hardcore survivalist book. If you want to gently introduce someone into the world of prepping, buy them the book  (link to amazon).

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