Prepper Book Alert: Bargain on Back To Basics

18 Sep

Just a quick note to say I saw “Back To Basics: Third Edition” on sale at Edward Hamilton ( for $7.95. If you don’t have this in your prepper library and are interested in homesteader skills, check it out. I reviewed this book on Amazon. Flat rate shipping adds $3.50.

Another book in their new catalog is “Modern Survival” by Barry Davies. I haven’t read this one. Its price is only $5.95.

Pet Emergency Supply Kit on

After the Colorado flooding, many residents are returning home to find no home. It washed away. The article says the average resident doesn’t have flood insurance. What would you do next if your house vanished tomorrow?

This Youtube video shows how to clean contact switches on your electronic devices. If you have a button that you push and push and push and it doesn’t always work, this can help:

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